Yoga is one of the oldest physical disciplines in the world. It is over 5000 years old.

Yoga was introduced to America in the 18th century. Swami Vivekananda, a Bengali intellect, is responsible for introducing the practice of yoga and meditation to the people of Chicago, where his ideas were seen as new and revolutionary.

Yoga was originally practiced as a form of healing. Yoga is being introduced in to many medical centers as a complementary therapy alongside other treatments.

Yoga has become popular as a way of promoting physical and mental well-being. Although classical yoga also includes other elements, yoga as practiced in the United States typically emphasizes physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dyana).

If you can practice yoga 3 or more times per week, you will see significant improvements in your flexibility, range of motion, strength, balance, inner peace, and overall well-being.

Yoga can work every muscle in your body. People practice yoga for a whole number of reasons, to increase their flexibility, tone up, improve their posture. They also practice yoga for their mental wellbeing, to reduce stress and live more mindfully.

Health Benefits of Yoga include but are not limited to the following:

  • Yoga boosts your immune system
  • Improves Productivity
  • Improves Flexibility
  • Improves Balance
  • Improves Posture
  • Improves Lung Function
  • Cultivates Mindfulness
  • Helps with Anxiety
  • Improves Memory
  • Improves Self-Esteem
  • Improves Mental Clarity
  • Reduces Headaches and Migraines
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Lowers Pulse Rate
  • Reduces Chronic Pain
  • Yoga can delay aging(1)
  • Yoga can improve your sex life(2)

1. Research has shown that practicing yoga can delay aging.
The study published by the US National Library of Medicine followed 96 individuals and looked at different aspects of aging. They discovered that yoga combined with meditation, has its own range of benefits and helped to delay the aging process and prevent the onset of many different diseases.

2. Yoga Improves Your Sex Life
Harvard Health Publishing (2010). In the journals: Yoga may help improve women’s sexual function.

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