At times, infertility can be a lonely and confusing struggle, but not one that has to be faced alone.

Infertility is one of the most serious emotional and physical crises that a person or couple may ever face. Many women and couples suffer with sadness, anger, anxiety and stress everyday as they continue to struggle with infertility and loss.

A diagnosis of infertility can cause feelings of inadequacy in both partners. It may place extreme stress on all relationships including the couple, family, friendships and even work life. The experience of infertility is a chronic stressor. It can become an oppressive feeling that overshadows your day. Left bottled up inside, it can lead to severe feelings of depression, worry, anxiety and even obsessive thinking, thus affecting every aspect of your life both day and night.

During the COVID-19 crisis these stressors and resulting feelings may still be present or may even be worse. Therefore we have arranged for ALL sessions to be conducted as private Tele-Therapy sessions On-Line from the safety and privacy of your own home. If you are in need of help, please call Lori at: 856-751-8908 for a FREE consultation or to schedule your first appointment.


Lori Posner’s wide range of experience allows her to tailor her approach to individual specific needs. She draws from Cognitive therapies and Mindfulness to assist with insight gaining balance and perspective during this difficult period.


Lori utilizes techniques from relational and systemic therapies as well as short guided meditations to assist in expressing thoughts and emotions focused specifically of the difficulties that one experiences when they are having difficulty conceiving a baby. Coping strategies and communication are often part of the process for couples.

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