Lori Posner, MS, LMFT

Lori Posner, MS, LMFT holds a Master of Science Degree from Chestnut Hill College in counseling Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy. She is an AAMFT Clinical Fellow. She is a NJ Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 20 years of experience in individual, group, couples and family therapy. Lori incorporates mindfulness into her therapeutic techniques and her clinical supervision. Lori is a certified meditation teacher and has received formal meditation training from UC Berkeley – Greater Good Science Center, and the Jefferson Mindfulness Institute.

“My personal philosophy of counseling starts with a willingness to join with my clients experience and understand them. By listening with compassion and non-judgment, I teach others to do the same, freeing them to develop in healthier ways and allowing them to communicate more effectively in their relationships.”