The first step toward change is awareness, the second step is acceptance.

– Nathaniel Branden

Lori Posner, MS, LMFT provides the following Therapeutic Services for adults and adolescents and the LGBTQ Community. During the COVID-19 crisis we have arranged for ALL sessions to be conducted as private Tele-Therapy sessions On-Line from the safety and privacy of your own home. If you need help, please call Lori at: 856-751-8908 for a FREE consultation or to schedule your first appointment.

Individual Therapy

  • Lori’s wide range of experience allows her to tailor her approach to individual specific needs.
  • Specializing in therapy for infertility, depression, anxiety, PTSD, adoption, grief and loss. Lori utilizes trauma informed Cognitive Therapy, Mindful techniques and Heart Assisted Therapy tailored to individual specific needs.

Humans are social, relationships are not only essential to us they are healing. Marriage and Family Therapy is a system of proven techniques to address and improve relationship issues which in turn help us heal and grow.

Couples and Family Therapy

Lori utilizes strengths based techniques from relational and systemic therapies as well as short guided meditations to assist in expressing thoughts and emotions for more effective communication for couples. Improved communication is at the heart of resolving conflict, which, left unchecked, can lead to chronic and severe relational stress.

Family Therapy

The focus of family therapy is identifying patterns in communication and behavior and how those patterns influence each individual causing psychological distress. Interventions focus on identifying patterns through open and honest communication then trying relational strategies to improve relationships and create healing within the family.

Lori often includes mindfulness into sessions to assist with introspection, to explore new ways of perceiving and coping and to gain balance and perspective.

Have A Question?

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about our center and the services that we offer. Please call us at 856‑751‑8908.