Mindfulness for Fertility is an Eight Week Intensive Course for Individuals & Couples

Learn to enjoy life now and in the future while facing what might be your most difficult challenge ever.

Using specialized training and 57 years of combined experience the Mindful Fertility program instructors blend knowledge of Female Infertility, Marriage and Family Therapy, Trauma Therapy and Meditation Instruction to help individuals and couples cope with the chronic stress that everyone encounters.

In addition, this program is unique because of its special emphasis on the thoughts, emotions and experiences exclusive to anyone going through the fertility journey.

Participants will be taught the skills needed to persevere through this exceptionally trying time in life.

The shared experience and support from being part of a group will decrease feelings of isolation and give rise to a sense of hope for the future.

The designers of the Mindful Fertility program have a combined 57 years of experience.

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Learning and Practicing Meditation for Infertility

During the eight weeks you will learn and practice methods for coping with the chronic stress of infertility. Including breath centered relaxation techniques and therapeutically designed guided meditations of various lengths.

Mindfulness and meditation when practiced regularly, reduce stress and its negative effects on the body, which can lead to physiological changes that support fertility.

Source:  Stress Reduces Conception Probabilities Across the Fertile Window: Evidence in Support of Relaxation »

Because infertility presents challenges on so many levels, a truly wholistic treatment approach is needed to successfully manage it.

Our program offers a thorough and flexible approach to training participants in a variety of mindfulness, meditation, and deep relaxation methods.

The weekly sessions have a balance of:

Meditation Class
  • Instruction

  • Discussion

  • Mindfulness Techniques

  • Meditation Practice

  • Light Stretching

  • Q & A

Participants will be assisted in developing a personal daily practice which they feel drawn to and which is customized for their needs.

Surfing Woman

“You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf”

– Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • Practices are designed to lead to deep psycho-physiological relaxation.

  • This course can benefit anyone dealing with fertility issues, at whatever stage of the process they are currently in.

  • Classes are conducted in an atmosphere of empathy, compassion and optimism.

  • The focus is on helping you make it through the entire fertility process in an emotionally healthy way regardless of the final outcome.

The cost of the 8 week course is $495 – All materials needed for practice during the class are provided. Sign Up Now »

*This particular course is only for individuals and couples who are currently attempting to get pregnant or about to start.

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