Lori Posner, MS, LMFT facilitates a number of Therapeutic and Mindful groups which include:

Therapeutic Support Groups for Infertility

(4 person minimum – Individuals and Couples are Welcome)

Frequently people struggling with infertility feel very alone. Group is a place to feel less isolated, to share and be heard and to help you cope with the chronic stressors of infertility. Connecting with others and sharing your feelings in group therapy can help you feel more balanced and have less negative or depressive feelings throughout the day. Group cannot eliminate your chronic stressors but it can help you cope with them and get more enjoyment out of life while you deal with the pain and sadness. This is an excellent way to continue the healing path after the 8 week Mindful Fertility Program but can be attended on a stand-alone basis.

Learning to Breathe

An 8 Session Program based on the acronym BREATHE – Body, Reflections, Emotions, Attention, Tenderness, Habits, Empowerment. Stress and anxiety can be overwhelming at times for anyone. Mindful awareness activities are at the core of “Learning to Breathe” a psycho-educational group to help cultivate emotional awareness and attention in order to reduce stress, negative emotions and improve coping skills. Groups offered throughout the year for adolescents and adults.
Based on the Learning to Breathe Curriculum developed by Patricia Broderick, PhD (2013).

Mindful Menopause

Experiencing menopause, means understanding one of life’s most significant transitions. However, this one has its own brand of physical, psychological and relational challenges. Mindful Menopause is a therapeutic support group which incorporates guided mediations, discussion and resources to assist you on this part of life’s journey.

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