Midday Meditation or (Lunch Time Life Saver Meditation)

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed before your lunch is unwrapped? This drop-in class is an incredibly effective way to reduce stress & anxiety in the middle of the work day. You will be able to get the basic elements of Mindful Meditation and leave feeling refreshed and ready for whatever crisis comes next . Each class includes 5 mins of instruction followed by a 20 minute guided Mindful Meditation session and then 5 mins for a short discussion and Q & A. No prior experience necessary.

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Evening Unwind

For many of us by the end of the day we are left with restless thoughts, increased anxiety added stress and frustrations and sometimes even anger. It can make for a difficult evening and a turbulent time in bed when trying to sleep. Come in and let us help you unwind your mind. Our Guided meditation sessions are meant to help you let go of the day so you can transition home and be present for your life after work.

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Intro To Mindful Meditation

This class eases you into Mindful Meditation with individualized instruction and a chance for the questions you’ve always needed to ask. You choose the length of meditation to suit your comfort and needs. There will be a guided portion after which you can continue meditating on your own or take a break to stretch and resume or leave quietly. You will start to notice benefits such as relaxation and increased attention and focus with just a few minutes a day. The goal is 30 minutes a day.

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